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The SBDC hosted by Long Beach City College

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) helps small business owners succeed with low-cost training and no-cost one-on-one consulting from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. The SBDC has been hosted by Long Beach City College since 2006 and in that time has helped thousands of area business owners increase their sales, obtain loans, streamline operations, utilize new technologies, expand into new markets, and position themselves for long-term growth.

我们是洛杉矶地区SBDC网络的一部分, 帮助洛杉矶小企业主的组织, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

About the LBCC SBDC Team

我们经验丰富的SBDC团队由前企业家组成, bankers, product managers, technology experts, 以及致力于帮助您发展业务的商业专业人士. Our team is pleased to offer our consulting services in English and Spanish, as needed. 请致电(562)938-5100与我们联系安排您的预约.


Brad Pollak

Brad Pollak

Position: Director
Business expertise: 领导、管理、营销策略、业务发展

As the Director of the Long Beach City College Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Brad Pollak specializes in business start-ups, leadership, management, marketing strategies, and business planning. Brad has 20+ years’ experience as a marketing executive and general manager in the music industry. 他还是长滩一家职业发展咨询公司的老板. Brad grew up in the U.S.她在纽约伊萨卡的康奈尔大学获得文学学士学位.

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Dan Rosenfeld

Position: Business Client Supervisor

Dan Rosenfeld has been the Long Beach SBDC Client Supervisor since January 2017 and has spoken with hundreds of clients about their business goals since then. At the SBDC, he helps clients prepare to work with an advisor and then connects them with an experienced professional.

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Business Consultants

Joseph Jackson

Position: Business Consultant

Joseph Jackson is a strategic business consultant with extensive experience in marketing, strategic planning, sales and business development. 他的背景包括在企业、非营利组织和联邦部门工作的经验. As an entrepreneur, Joseph has run small businesses and worked as the lead consultant responsible for developing marketing strategies and business development plans for startup companies. Joseph holds a BA from Yale University.


Business expertise: Business planning, startups, staffing, business development, strategic marketing, and business process improvement


Charles Lowe

Position: Business Advisor

Over the last twenty years, Charlie Lowe has acted as a business consultant to the Small Business Development Centers and Centers for International Trade Development for El Camino Community College, Long Beach City College, and for Loyola Marymount University. 他在小企业和国际贸易方面有30年的经验, 在亚洲45个国家有业务往来, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Charlie is bilingual in English and Spanish. He holds bachelors’ degrees in Latin American Studies and Economics and an MBA in International Management.


Business expertise: Bilingual (English/Spanish), business planning, startups, marketing, import/export, government contracting


Ed Von Leffern

Position: Finance Advisor

Ed Von leffn自2008年以来一直在SBDC工作. 他的众多商业资格包括担任以下职位:

  • 美国都市银行名誉董事和审计委员会主席
  • 一家小企业的主管,销售对象包括亚马逊、塔吉特、史泰博和拜拜宝贝
  • 8年银行或地区首席信贷官/贷款管理员工作经验.
  • 两次被联邦和州监管机构批准为CCO
  • Twelve years as a team leader of $75-500 million portfolios – always with direct account management and sale of diversified bank financial products
  • President of the LA Chapter of the bank credit association in 1996-97 (awarded superior unit) and in 2000-01

Ed拥有美国华盛顿大学的本科学位.C. 以及亚洲研究/国际商务硕士学位. He is Professor Emeritus in the Business School at California State Universities at Pomona and Long Beach.


Business expertise: Credit management, finance & business loan packaging


Max Ordonez

Position: Business Advisor

Max Ordonez specializes in providing funding advice and direction for startups and established businesses, as well as specializing in management, strategic planning and business planning. Max has 20+ years’ experience as an entrepreneur and executive in an array of industries such as construction, re-development, manufacturing and distribution. 此外,Max的专长还包括公私合作. Max is the owner of his own strategic growth and program management consultancy in Los Angeles. 他是土生土长的洛杉矶人,和他的家人住在加利福尼亚州的惠蒂尔.


Business expertise: 贷款咨询、商业规划、财务预测


Lori Williams

Position: Business Advisor

洛里·威廉姆斯是一位商业顾问、演说家和作家. She has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, marketing, and operations. 在她的咨询公司担任首席战略官, 她曾与中型市场公司合作,建立长期可持续增长. 她的电子书通过亚马逊、iTunes和巴恩斯销售 & Noble.

Lori holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, a BS in Business and Management, 医学AA和神经语言编程执业者执照.

Business expertise: 金融、会计、创业、商业计划、市场营销 & general business operations


Mike Huntley, MBA

Position: Business Advisor

Mike Huntley has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, oil and gas, and electronics. 他曾与世界各地的公司合作, including Latin America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Mike holds a B.A. Psychology from California State University Long Beach and an MBA from California State Dominquez Hills. Mike also has an executive management certificate from the University of California at Los Angeles Anderson School of Management.

Business expertise: Sales and marketing, executive management


Karie Armstrong

Position: Business Advisor

Karie Armstrong有超过20年帮助零售商的经验, service providers, restaurants and entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their businesses in a wide variety of retail environments and markets. 她有着丰富的购物中心管理背景, marketing and development, as well as retail operations and manufacturing.

自从她开始与SBDC合作以来,她已经帮助了成千上万的小企业. Her consulting expertise includes the development of overall strategic business and marketing plans, financial and sales projections, as well as site selection, 租户改善问题和澄清租赁语言.


Business expertise: Retail, restaurants, business plans, marketing plans, financial and sales projections, site selection, tenant/landlord negotiations


Steve Richardson

Position: Business Advisor

史蒂夫·理查森于2019年加入长滩SBDC担任顾问. 他在领导非营利和营利性组织方面拥有丰富的经验, 同时担任专业的周转管理顾问. At the SBDC, 他最初的重点是帮助客户培养领导力, people management and transformational change. However, it became apparent that his experience as a business owner would benefit many of our clients with other needs. 史蒂夫曾为零售业起步的企业家提供澳门游戏平台注册网站, personal service, construction, and other sectors. He has also helped SBDC clients with mature businesses become more efficient and profitable.

史蒂夫喜欢和各种类型的客户打交道, especially helping existing businesses make sense of their financial situation and organizational structure.

Steve is the author of the book Become a Better Leader in 30 Days.  


Business expertise: 商业计划、管理、商业融资、创业


Greg Horos

Position: Business Advisor

Greg Horos是LOCALI的所有者和联合创始人, a deli/market hybrid quick service restaurant concept with a keen focus on healthier versions of conventional convenience fare and has served as the Chief Operations Officer since 2008. Greg’s areas of expertise include budgeting, cost controls, labor, purchasing, vendor relations, supply chain management for startups. 他还精通租赁/财务谈判, legal strategies, cost-benefit analysis, 库存控制系统和风险管理计划.

In addition to his consulting work with SBDC, Greg is also a personal training/fitness coach, 剩下的空闲时间都用来训练下一次斯巴达比赛.


Business expertise: Restaurants, food services, retail, leases


Deborah Deras

Position: Business Advisor

Deborah Deras has a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has been a business owner since 2002, 为财富100强企业提供最高绩效的企业培训, 同时也是一位国际演说家和作家. She has served as a marketing consultant to various Small Business Development Centers with her expertise in digital marketing. Her specialties include content creation, social media strategy, YouTube, SEO, Facebook, live streaming, podcasting, Instagram Sales, and how to speak with confidence on camera. She speaks English and Spanish and has been a sought-after professional speaker for over 20 years.


Business expertise: Social media, digital marketing


Herb Thompson

Position: Business Advisor

Herb Thompson is a process improvement expert who advises on Lean/Six Sigma Enterprise, project management, ERP System Optimization, safety, quality, environmental and energy audits, effective management, corporate structuring, and strategic planning. Herb has multiple years of hands-on experience in a number of industries applying Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Toyota Production System (TPS) style of manufacturing, now often referred to as Lean Manufacturing.

Herb was an Instructor/Writer at the United States Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. Since that time, 他曾在许多制造业和服务业的公司工作, both as a consultant and a senior leader, to implement these techniques. His experience also includes teaching undergrad and graduate business courses at Stanton University.

Business expertise: Process improvement, strategic planning, operational management, workplace safety, quality control, team building


Michael DeDonato, JD, MBA

Position: Business Advisor

Mike DeDonato是一位经验丰富的企业财务主管和商业顾问, 有在制造业工作的经验, healthcare, consumer goods, construction and aerospace/defense industries. 迈克的职能专长是会计和财务管理.

他在财务管理方面的能力一直受到客户的信赖&A due diligence and acquisition integration. “I am dedicated to the success of every client and very much look forward to the actualization of client aspirations and visions.”

Business expertise: Finance, accounting, business entities


Joceyln Graf

Position: Business Advisor

乔斯林·格拉夫是一位连续创业家、教育家和作家. 作为SBDC顾问,乔斯林帮助客户回答以下问题: Will my business idea work? What would my customers really pay for? How do I get started? 我可以从哪里获得资金和其他资源? 我该如何整理我的财务状况和完成所需的文书工作? Who do I need on my team? 我如何发展我的业务,我想在哪里结束? She also provides specialty advising for tech startups and for social and professional services businesses. Jocelyn is familiar with healthcare & 生物技术、清洁能源、硬件、网络安全、区块链和数据科学. 


Business expertise: International, grants (including SBIR), government contracts, diversity certifications, social enterprise


David Mitroff, Ph.D.

Position: Business Advisor

David Mitroff是一位商业顾问、营销专家、主题演讲家和作家. He brings to the SBDC his experiences as the founder and chief consultant of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. 他提供商业咨询和营销服务,以创造品牌知名度, strengthen customer loyalty and generate new opportunities for new and established companies, restaurants, franchises, law firms, high-growth start-ups, retail specialty stores, professional services firms, 个体企业家和其他不同的组织.

David是一个广受欢迎的演讲者,他的演讲主题包括:商业 & Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Branding, and Innovation, and through his consulting, lectures, training, and keynotes.

Business expertise: Marketing, branding, marketing strategies